Wildlife Management

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Tireless dedication

Monitoring Wildlife.
Developing Strategies.

Wildlife numbers at Sango are established on an annual basis with total area aerial surveys and various scientific ground surveys.

The constant study and monitoring of our climate, soil, water and vegetation by professionals and our wildlife management staff ensures the minimal interference of our operations with nature.

The information obtained from surveys, studies and observations allowed Sango to develop and implement the following sound ecological management strategies:


Our management strategies:

Provision of water to wildlife

Minimise the negative effects associated with the provision of water for wildlife by keeping artificial water points to a minimum. Restore the balances that existed prior to the cattle ranching era by reintroducing indigenous species and allowing for natural processes to govern the outcome of their survival.

Burning and fire management

Allow fire to govern ecosystems through the assimilation of natural fire regimes once found on the African continent.

Protection of vegetation communities

Protect vegetation by removing alien plant species.


Non-consumptive use of animals

Create wildlife viewing opportunities for tourists with minimal interference to the natural environment through policies regarding road construction, etc.

Infrastructure and waste management

Reduce human influence on the region thanks to the unobtrusive placement of buildings and the appropriate disposal of sorted waste.

The constant collection of information about the natural resources of Sango and the Save Valley Conservancy allows our wildlife management team to make informed decisions that will ensure the prosperity of both the region and its people.


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